Friday, 20 April 2018

Continuation of our Trip to Janjira Fort Island

1. Heading towards the Island

   Well I and my team mates continued our journey to Island ‘Janjira fort’, if you did read my trip to Raigad Fort & Water sports activities at Divakar Beach then click here to read.
 To travel to this Island you need to get to Dhigh Dock Maharashtra, its 6.5 km away from the fort and it will take around 30minutes to reach to this fort, here ferries are available to get to this fort. This fort is in between the sea, between the salty water. Still the wall and joints of the stones of the fort stands firmly strong.

2 .Reaching Janjira fort

As our ferry reaches nearby the fort you will see the wall and joints of the stones of the fort stands firmly strong. And remind you this fort in in between the salty water of the Arabian Sea. As your ferry reach nearby fort the ferry operator transfer to a small boat were there boat will finally land up to the entrance of the fort, but be care full on the entrance the are many people who are waiting for return and another thing is that while landing on the forts stairs be careful as its slippery, so I recommend you all please wear durable, gripped & tough foot ware. Please and especially women’s don’t travel here with pointed foot wear.

3 . Thing to see around the fort.

On reaching the fort you will find many guides who will guide you along the way telling Historic event taken place on this fort. I in this fort the are the wells with the sweet water and its believed that these water well in this fort never dries up, another thing you will notice that the water level of the well is very much higher the Sea-level and that’s sound amazing.

   Inside the fort there are many room’s it looked like almost a group of villagers can easily stay over here, actually these rooms  were the arm storage room, meeting room, stay for the solders. There is Hindu temple and a Muslim mosque inside this fort.

   To roam around the fort you will take almost a day to explore the fort, there's a secret underground way to the mainland were the king use to travel along way, and transportation of the arm equipment’s..

Stay Tune.

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Monday, 29 May 2017

My Travel to Rajgard Fort and Diveagar beach

1. My Trip to the outskirts of Pune
 From my previous Journey to Sinagad fort, I have been told my local people that towards west coast from Pune approximately 181km there’s a Fort called Janjira Fort which is located in-between the Sea. After hearing this I was excited to travel to this place & willing to know some of the historic background behind this fort.
  So I & my team decided to visit this  fort, in the mean time we were also exploring in & around this location, after researching we had found that there’s another fort called Rajgard fort, it’s very much famous as there is the tomb of Shivaji Maharaja (King of Marathas). Sill researching, we found there’s a beach located almost at the remote area.

So we have booked a Jeep for the Journey for two days & one night which had cost us 5000/- & we got our self-got prepared on Friday Night.

2. Our Journey to Rajgard fort form Pune.
  I & my team-mates started collecting our people early in the morning & left Pune around 6am early in the morning. From Pune we were travelling to Rajgad fort. We had our Breakfast at around 7:30am & I would recommend all the tourist people to have breakfast at JP’s Food counter. 

  As on this way to fort you will not find any good Restaurant, so I recommend you to have enough breakfast over there.
  As the journey was to long we had our lunch at Mangaon, in Mangaon you will find good restaurants serving you enough quality food.  
  After reaching the location you will able to be giant plateau standing in front of you, so to get to this place you need to take the rope-way travel.

3. Getting on the fort
 One's reaching to the location you can reach to the fort by Rope-way which take around 10-15minutes to get to this height.

 As your bucket goes higher and higher you will fee afraid and even you will witness beautiful view and the rocks like concrete .  

If you all want to Trek this fort then you need to travel to another road. Looking at this Giant Plateau we had skipped Trekking & we had decided to Trek which returning. After reaching on the fort you have to counter pay for the entry fee to this fort.

4. Things to see on the fort
    On the fort you have various things to see, there Temple of Janani & Padmavati, Padmavati Lake & other two lakes & finally not the least the tome of Shivaji King.
Over here you can see the beautiful view from here.

Here are some snaps i would like to share with you all.

On the Right side you can see the map of the Fort were you can visit these points with the specific name.

There's a shot Historic review story on this fort were you can actually feel what activities have taken place in this fort.  

The Main Entrance of the fort

Padmavati Lake on the fort

You will also able to find figs Locally known as Anjir on this fort

As you can see it written Chamber for Secret Discussion. 
So this area was places were the King and his Solders had secret Meeting to Plan the protection of empire.

Tomb of chh. Shivaji Maharaj
      (King of Maratha's )

OOP !!!!  That me

While Trekking down the fort you will meet the locals selling food staff, cold drinks.

While Returning form the fort beautiful landscape can be seen.

After exploring the fort we decided to go to next spot, so we started trekking downwards the fort & told our driver to be at a specific point, it almost to 40-50 minutes to get down to the road. It looked like we have finished up all our energy.
Once we got into jeep we were almost asleep.

5. Travelling to Diveagar Beach
We have continued our journey to Diveagar Beach, we had reach on the location around 7pm & after getting the breeze of the Sea we decided to go for swimming next day. To feel the beach we stared to walk towards the beach, remind you all there are no lights on the beach, sky is very much clean enough to witness thousands of stars and our Milky Way, cool breeze and one thing I notice that as we walk around the wet sand, it used to sparkle light of Blue color it was amazing.

6. Stay
After enjoying on the beach we took our jeep & started searching for the rooms, I would like to have note for the tourist that there are really room available on this place, some people offer the home too if you are unable to find lodge. So after searching in this area we had seen that loges are full & finally we found a house which had cost us for 3000/-, we had bath fresh our self & had Sea food Dinner, another note for the tourist that these local people shut down their hotels soon, so don’t be late to have your dinner. Next Day Early in the morning we had our breakfast & we head towards beach.

7. Enjoyed on Beach
On reaching Beach we went into water to enjoy as time passed on we noted Local people are conducting sports activities which includes Water jet, Banana ride, Bumper ride, Paragliding which is drive by Jeep (that’s the crazy one I ever seen), 
     After negotiating with the rider we had taken a group of activities for reasonable price & started.

8. My Worst Experience towards Water Sports
I felt even I am from Beach area Goa I never tried water sports activities but on this day I enjoyed the water sports but I felt I have been paid to torture with my Body again Sea water & I said to myself I will never ever do water sports activities ever, I will set on the beach & watch other people who are doing water sports activities. The most rides I hate is Banana ride & Bumpy ride, its good but I tortured my own body with pain next morning were I really unable to walk on my working hours in the office.   

9. Next
Next we decided to go to our last Destination of the day to Fort Janjira.

    So Readers please stay in touch with me as I will continuing my travel to Janjira Fort & come with the latest update on my Next upcoming Blog Stay Tune.

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Monday, 22 May 2017

My Travel to Sinhagad Fort (Trekking)

i.                   My Journey to Sinhagad Fort, Pune(Trekking)

Well From my last Himachal tour   i am heading towards India’s West portion Pune, which you can even call as second capital city of Maharastra, Well Pune is a well developed city and we evey one knows how city looks like, so I will explore historic places of Pune's outskirts.

Here I am focusing on travelling from Central-Pune to Sinhagad fort, trekking during Monsoon Season, well during this period its greenery and fresh environment. During summers it’s very much dry. Hence my recommendation to travel over here is during Monsoons or during Winter.

ii. Getting to this location

Well I had planned with my friends with the bike which will take you around 1hr. Be alert basically the are two ways one for the Trekkers and the other road directly connecting to the fort.
For trekkers road name is Sinhagad-Paytha Road
And other Road is Sinhagad- Payatha Road which is directly connected

Well from Pune travelling for almost 20km we waited at Khadakasla Lake

Fort it'self is hidden in the clouds

For Trekkers you need to catch Sinhagad-Payatha Road.
For Non_Trekkers you can go along with Sinhagard Ghat Road
After travelling on the Sinhagard Payatha Road you will be reaching Payatha. Over here there are restaurants which they will also provide with the Pay Parking and you can get ready for your trek.

 iii. Trekking

For those Trekkers who really wants you to burn you Fat then this trek will be perfect for you as you have to go from 700m to 1300m above sea-level. Well now the Journey begins, Local Villagers have put up Shacks on the way to serve refreshments, were they sell Lemon Water, Water, and some fruits. I think there staff is perfect to build up your fuel to your body .
  After reaching on top there’s you will meet up with the road which finally ends up with the enterance to the fort.
Hers are few snaps I would like to share during my Trekk.

From trekking few meters above you will able to see the Village

Sheks with refreshment staff

As we go above the sea level, atmosphere started to become foggy and cooler.

iv. Now exploring the fort

  Inside the fort there are various points while after your entrance you will see caves , well these caves were meant to keep horses known as “ Ghodayachi Pama”.

You will also be able to observe there are local people’s who are traditionally dressed up actually they are the guide’s who will tell explain the stories about this fort.

      But Still I find this fort to be luxurious because  on such a great height there’s Restroom, Restaurants, small-small shacks and much more, on this fort you will going to find one point were the fort is on the edge and standing from here you will feel the depth and with the force full wind striking towards you.
In these Pictures you can see foggy climate and during this time it was also Raining.

Another thing I noticed that on such a tremendous height there are lakes.

v. Returing from the fort

While returning from the fort, the trek is the challenging one because you will experience that claiming is better than descending from the height. Here will be encounter with climbers on your way.
While returning back from the fort you will be having much energy but you need to apply your brakes.

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