My Travel Review

My Travel Review

Hello everybody catch-up my Personal Experience on my Journey to the New Places I come across. As its will definitely going to help people for those who are willing to travelling to these places or after viewing my reviews.

        You can even say Guwahati as a Central Capital for all North-East States of India, one of the Beautiful City land of Goddess Maa Kamakhya and it's even were the River Brahmaputra river flows from the Himalaya originating from Arunachal Pradesh, and on this river a small island of Lord Shiva temple powered by Solar Panels and Orange Monkey’s who lives friendly with tourist. 

         Land of Snow Adventure full of activities from Snow Skidding to Helicopter ride, Land of Gods, were you can you will find local peoples are healthy and strong due to Pure Oxygen of Himalaya’s. Look out to my local places were you were never came across.

2.1   My Tour to Manali

Blog3. My Travel to Sinhagad Fort,Pune 
After My Travel to Himachal Pradesh, i headed towards the Historic Places of Pune. Check out my this blog to trek right up to the fort.


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