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My travel to Himachal Pradesh Continue's from Manali

i.                    Heading towards Sundarnagar

   One’s completing the Journey of Manali, I head towards Sundarnagar, considering as a central location to travel to Shimla the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, Murari Devi Temple, Ner Chowk, Rewalsar, Maa Naina Devi Temple.

So considering this you can choose Sundarnagar as a Central Location of stay as a Tour to Local Places of Himachal.

The Nearest Airport is Bhuntar,near Kullu just 82Km away.

Located on National Highway 21 Reviewing Sundarnagar it’s quite peaceful, here’s there is a lake were you will witness the snowline's of Himalaya.As this place  is perfect for Morning Jogging around the lake and fresh Oxygen in and around you.

Stay in Sundarnagar

     There are handful of Hotels namely Hotel Hamsafar, Polo Regency, Kumar Hotel, and Midtown Residency. If you are still searching for budgetary rooms then you have to contact the locals were these local serve you room with the economical rate.

    During your spare time in Sundarnagar for entertainment there's a Local Theater namely Supreme Theatre & T-Link.
    Don't forget to pre-book your vehicle prier a day before with the local Taxi Union or you even have 2nd option that by Government Bus, travelling at much cheaper cost.


If you are a food lover then you have to visit the following
1. The Silver Spool
2.Ashiyana Restaurant
3.Chick Blast (By its name you will come to know)
4.OFC Restaurant.

   2.    Shimla

Journey from Sundarnagar-Shimla

After Traveling for almost 4hrs you will be entering the Capital City of Himachal Pradesh- Shimla, but before entering Shimla, from far away you will be witnessing Skyline at Shimla Southern Side of Shimla surrounded by green hills with snow capped peaks.

Shimla during summers

During winter is look is Dynamic and even during night the light from this city are awesome.

As Shimla was former summer capital of the British in India and Still now it’s the Capital. As Shimla was under the British Rule during 19th Century you will able to find many Historic Places, Churches, Museums, Colonial heritage, old Building, roads with iron lamp posts.  
As seen below I posing myself to this beautiful historic houses

Regarding Stay in the Hotels there are many but out of all I would suggest Hotel Himland East restaurant & bar is the best.On reaching here you can have walk able tour to Mall Road also Known as I will say as Street Market of Shimla for visitors. As you will find shops selling food staff, Woolen cloths, Jackets, Wooden handcraft Coffee shop, etc.

After you day tour during morning period I would suggest it to get out of your room and to see the night beauty of Shimla city from Mall road

And you will never let you and your friends to go to sleep until you enjoy the hot Soup and street foods.

Lord Hanuman Statue (Jakhoo Temple)

You can Plan to Visit Hanuman Temple the World of Monkeys located at Jakhoo Hill 2.5km east of the ridge, to visit here  you need to take a small road that cut between Christ Church and State Library at the ridge, you will come across an arrow mark on the wall directing towards Jakhoo temple. You need to walk up the hills you may also meet you friend monkey leading up to the temple.

On the way you will see the Deodar Forest near Jakhoo Temple as this temple is on the top of Shimla, from here you will witness good view of Shimla on clear day. This temple is at 2455m above sea level and its even the highest peak of Shimla. 

As you enter the temple premises there are troops of monkeys guarding the temple and they are all around the temple, I also looks like these monkeys are guarding the tallest statue of lord Hamunan, it is also believe that Lord Hanuman stopped to rest while he was looking for the plant Sanjivini Booti to revive Lakshman.
It is busiest during the period of Dushera.

    3. Rewalsar Lake

After your Journey to to Shimla you can have your Journey to Rewalsar Salke via Sundarnagar as your key Stay, it will take you just 23Km journey.

Rewalsar lake has its another name called Tso Pema Lotus Lake with its elevation about 1360m above sea level on the Mountain. Around these lake you will find Monkeys

Opp’s may be this monkey is thinking I am having strange Device/weapon in my hand.

One thing it come to my notice were ever there’s Lord Hanuman there’s the guard of Monkey controlling the temples territory or in other words I will say you will be witnessing lord Hanuman.

I will call this place as Place of Haven with all all from of religion Hinduism, Buddhism and finally Sikh.
You will see the Tibetan pilgrim come here to visit Monastery

Visiting Budha Temple

I will say this place to be a peaceful Holy Place of worship of Lord Buddha. As you visit this place you will be witnessing golden sculptures.

On Entering the temple you will be seeing the photo frame of Dalai Lama, after taking the blessing just set for a while ,feeling calm & gentle, this is the only place where you were always thinking during your stress time in your office/work were during that time you don’t have any other options, so take the advantage , enjoy each and every step of you life and if you are visiting such temples sit on the ground with your legs  fold and relex and think about how lord Buddha has gain enlightment

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