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Lets travel Himachal Pradesh

1. Prepare for my Journey

      If you are planning to Visit Himachal Pradesh please be prepare to make arrangements to fight against cold temperatures unlike other places you have to get prepared a week before with your Check list.

2. Know this Place before you Travel

    Before you set travel to these places by blog will definitely help you all before you get into it.
Weather Condition
i.                      Summer     March to June                       22°C-37°C
ii.                   Monsoon    July to September                 15°C -28°C
iii.                  Winter        October to February           15°C- -3.4°C

As now a days  temperature 

I would suggest youall to visit between January-March, as the weather is perfect to do snow activities.
Now let’s have a look were we can enjoy snow falls and winter sports activities in Himachal Pradesh 
          .       Manali – Solang Valley
          .       Khajjiar
          .       Jalori Pass – Shoja
         .       Triund
         .       Pabbar Valley
         .       Kufri
         .       Shimla
Now Among all these famous places let’s see how we get into Manali. On my Travel I will be also covering some of the remote places of Himachal Pradesh were you I will tell you how efficiently you can get to these places. These places are
i.                     Murari Devi Temple
ii.                   Tos Pema Monastery- Rewalsar
iii.                  Naina Devi
Local Market Places
i.                     Sundarnagar
ii.                   Ner Chowk

2. Efficient way to Travel to this Place.

     If you are in Goa enjoying Beaches, Water Sports and planning to get travelled to the Snowlines of Himachal Pradesh then you have various choices by Railway or by Flight.

Well I have started my Taken my flight from Dabolim airport to Delhi IGI airport


       Goa-Chandigarh by Railway

        By Railway from Goa-Chandigarh. There are 2 trains available Train No;12449 Goa SMPRK K EXP which runs on  Tuesday& Wednesday and Train No;12217 Kerala S.KRANTI EXP which runs on Tuesday and Sunday and which usually takes 36-38hrs , it’s a long journey but you will also be experiencing Indian Train, For the long Journey I would recommend you to take 1st/2nd/3rd AC as its most decent in these class and it will cost around 31$-78$. Please remember to pre-book the train tickets on IRCTC a week before you journey to avail you seats.

       Chandigarh-Manali by Bus

       Once you reach Chandigarh Railway Station take OLA CAB or Rickshaw and go to Sector 43 were luxurious Buses are Travelling like Volva AC class Semi-Sleeper’s/sleeper’s travelling to Manali, before getting to Chandigarh you can pre-book the Bus on the REDBUS online  Or you can take tickets from Travel Ageny Shop. All these Buses are travelling to Manali Bus which will usually take 8-9hrs Journey costing around 23$-37$.


     Goa-Delhi flight

      Another way of transport is by Flight from Dabolim Airport, Vasco de Gama to Delhi which will cost you around 56$-63$ taking 2hrs30 minutes journey. Another best thing Is there are metros available just after collecting your bag outside you will able to be see Metro Busses which will take you to metro station.

     Delhi Metro- Bus to Manali

     After getting checked-up by the Metro Security take the tickets from airport  to New Delhi Railway Station which is Orange Line Metro. On reaching Delhi Station take tickets to Kashmiri Gate which is Yellow Line Metro, and its cheapest and lovely mode of Transportation in Delhi, from here you will get Volvo buses avail from here to manali.

    Or instead of going to Kashmiri Gate metro I would suggest after reaching New Delhi Railway Station take metro tickets to Rajiv Chowk that’s the yellow line metro and from here take metro tickets to RamaKrishna Ashram Marg from here there are number of buses and it’s the main pickup point for the passenger’s for the online tickets booker’s. and it usually takes 13-14hrs journey, costing around 23$ -31$. I would suggest pre-booking book your tickets 12 hrs early on REDBUS so that you have the choice of your one seat in the bus.

3. On Reaching Manali


  After traveling for 13-14hrs on Bus from Delhi you will be reaching early in the morning in Manali, you will be actually in Model Town you can get into hotels in the to get fresh.

You stay any part of Manali Hotel outside your foot steps you will the see Beauty Manali.

    There are many hotels available over here ranging from 18$-46$/day , during your first day you can relax you self by visiting Van Vihar Leafy National Park, Himalaya Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple.

 On this day itself you need to book Taxi for the next day to Solang Valley which is 12km and it will cost around 12.5$-15$.

4. Travelling From Model Town to Solang Valley

On the Next Day get your Bags packed and get ready for the exiting ride, on this 12km journey to Solang you will be able to capture the Real Beauty of Himachal.
Here’s are some of my Snaps I am sharing with you.

5. On Reaching Solang Valley

Adventure Sports Capital of Himachal Pradesh

On Reaching Solang Valley You are arrived on the land of Snow Sports Activities, You can even call It as Adventure Sports Capital of Himachal Pradesh.. But Before getting to much excited have enough breakfast because you need to spend your all energy over here.
Sport activities are ATV ride, Snow Scooters, Zorbing, Skiing, Paragliding, Tire Sliding. All these activities are ranging from 4.5$- 15.5$, rate can be negotiated.
Besides this there are Rope Way of 1.3Km with the rise of 500m. which will cost at 7.81$/500Rs per head.
Wait a While you can even have helicopter ride for 40$.
Here's  i am sharing some of my snaps of the Solang.

6. Wait for my Next Blog for the remaining places of Himachal Pradesh.

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