Sunday, 14 May 2017

My Himachal tour to Temple’s located at higher altitude

Naina Devi Temple

After your journey to Rewalsar Lake you you can still plan to go Naina Devi temple which is almost on the top of the mountain at about  1219m height above the sea level.

View can seen from the temple

Be careful because this journey will witness the sharpest curve to reach to your destination, I would suggest to drive with an expert driver and shut down your earphones and music system, Please.

While your car claiming up the mountain you will be seeing astonishing view around.

On reaching your destination, don’t get worried there are food stalls, Cold Drink Stalls.
To enter this temple you have to take Devotional things from the stall, after taking blessings of the Lord Devi, you can just explore around the temple and I will be sure that you will not gone leave this place .

About this temple

Goddess Sati burnt herself alive in Yagna, which Distressed Lord Shiva . So he picked the corpse of sati on his shoulder & started his tandava. This horrified all deities in the heaven. This urged Lord Vishnu to unleash his Chakra that cut the sati’s body into 51pieces. Shri Naina Devi is the place where eyes of sati fell down.

Murari Mata Temple

       Another Temple I recommend you to visit the Murari Mara Temple, as its 55km from Sundarnagar.
You can reach here by Bus from Sundarnagar or by Car , I would suggest Car will be better option because of the Key Reason, on the way you will come across Teak forest and it’s came to heard that Old Bollyhood shooting was taken of this place.

About this Temple

This Temple is is located at at such a great height that this temple and its around area fill with snow during winters, if you see from far away this mountain will be wearing white cap of snow.

On Reaching this Temple

On reaching here you need to take foot steps to get to this temple the entrance gate is of good sculpture.

The Main Entrance of Murari Temple

This Temple can be seen from four districts Kullu, Manali, Hamirpur and Bilaspur, so you can imagine that once you reach here you will be witnessing Heaven.
Over here environment is very cold and cold breeze blow every time.

Side Doors of the Temple 
beautifully curved

Beautiful scene can be seen from inside the temple to the outside world

Stair Looks Much Dangerous ,Just Imagine if you kick a foot ball from here it will be no were travelling to its own destination,i will suggest to take care of you and you younger one/kids.

In This location there is a rest house nearby temple , You can eat Langer as the Blessing of Murari Mata as it is always open for the visitors.

 Here I am sharing some of my snaps.

As they are expanding their property to the visitors to make hall for Langer arrangement     

Finally ending my Himachal Journey to Mandi and Ner Chowk

 As I don’t found much to see in this market but the interesting thing is that you can carry away Akrode from here as I found it to be cheaper. 

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