Monday, 22 May 2017

My Travel to Sinhagad Fort (Trekking)

i.                   My Journey to Sinhagad Fort, Pune(Trekking)

Well From my last Himachal tour   i am heading towards India’s West portion Pune, which you can even call as second capital city of Maharastra, Well Pune is a well developed city and we evey one knows how city looks like, so I will explore historic places of Pune's outskirts.

Here I am focusing on travelling from Central-Pune to Sinhagad fort, trekking during Monsoon Season, well during this period its greenery and fresh environment. During summers it’s very much dry. Hence my recommendation to travel over here is during Monsoons or during Winter.

ii. Getting to this location

Well I had planned with my friends with the bike which will take you around 1hr. Be alert basically the are two ways one for the Trekkers and the other road directly connecting to the fort.
For trekkers road name is Sinhagad-Paytha Road
And other Road is Sinhagad- Payatha Road which is directly connected

Well from Pune travelling for almost 20km we waited at Khadakasla Lake

Fort it'self is hidden in the clouds

For Trekkers you need to catch Sinhagad-Payatha Road.
For Non_Trekkers you can go along with Sinhagard Ghat Road
After travelling on the Sinhagard Payatha Road you will be reaching Payatha. Over here there are restaurants which they will also provide with the Pay Parking and you can get ready for your trek.

 iii. Trekking

For those Trekkers who really wants you to burn you Fat then this trek will be perfect for you as you have to go from 700m to 1300m above sea-level. Well now the Journey begins, Local Villagers have put up Shacks on the way to serve refreshments, were they sell Lemon Water, Water, and some fruits. I think there staff is perfect to build up your fuel to your body .
  After reaching on top there’s you will meet up with the road which finally ends up with the enterance to the fort.
Hers are few snaps I would like to share during my Trekk.

From trekking few meters above you will able to see the Village

Sheks with refreshment staff

As we go above the sea level, atmosphere started to become foggy and cooler.

iv. Now exploring the fort

  Inside the fort there are various points while after your entrance you will see caves , well these caves were meant to keep horses known as “ Ghodayachi Pama”.

You will also be able to observe there are local people’s who are traditionally dressed up actually they are the guide’s who will tell explain the stories about this fort.

      But Still I find this fort to be luxurious because  on such a great height there’s Restroom, Restaurants, small-small shacks and much more, on this fort you will going to find one point were the fort is on the edge and standing from here you will feel the depth and with the force full wind striking towards you.
In these Pictures you can see foggy climate and during this time it was also Raining.

Another thing I noticed that on such a tremendous height there are lakes.

v. Returing from the fort

While returning from the fort, the trek is the challenging one because you will experience that claiming is better than descending from the height. Here will be encounter with climbers on your way.
While returning back from the fort you will be having much energy but you need to apply your brakes.

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