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Lets travel Guwahati, Assam

1. Prepare for my Journey from Goa to Guwahati
                A day before your journey, be prepare yourself with your checklist. Usually people forget during their bag pack. Just for your reference Electronic items, Cloths, Hand wash Sanitizer, Daily Diary, Soup, Tooth Brush, torch and finally your Credit/Debit Card.
Don’t forget to bring Warm Cloths because it’s Very Cold during winters in Assam.     

2. Efficient way to Travel to this Place.
If you are from abroad come to Goa to enjoy beaches in Goa and willing to travel North-East India the Capital of Assam Guwahati, the most efficient way to get to this place is by taking Luxurious overnight Bus to Pune which takes 11-12hrs.
Now from Pune you are having Train to Kamakhya which is located in Guwahati. This Train is Pune-Kamakhya Suvidha Special Train No: 82505 which run’s once per week and that is on Every Thursday,I would suggest you all to pre-book your Tickets in order to get your Seats on IRCTC Train Booking instead of booking through any unregistered or fake Travelling Agent’s.
  If you want to visit some other days then you can Board Train from Mumbai which is available on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And Beware of agents who make you believe to give tickets.

   Mine recommendation to you all is to travel via train because its 2 days 5hrs Journey you will be covering 6 States of India Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Finally Assam. This train is categorized into Sleeper Class, 2nd A/C Sleeper, and 3rd A/C Sleeper.
Here below I have snap shot from the train during Monsoon.

Pune-Kamakhya Suvidha Sp   Train No: 82505

If you don’t want to prefer train then flight are available but all are in indirect flights from Delhi/ Kolkata taking about 10 to 16hrs.

3. Stay
If you are bachelors’ and willing go in budget then you are available with 17-20$ per day Near Kamakhya Maligoan flyover, there are many hotels, lodges ranging in this cost in Guwahati,
If you are with your family, group and wants to make the trip more relax able the then I will suggest Blue Moon Hotel starting from 24$, Mayur Restaurant 45$.
There are top branded hotels Vivanta by taj starts at 142$ , Radisson Hotel 120$, Ginger 45$, Royal de Casa 90$,Prashanti Tourist Lodge with reasonable price, etc.

4. Travelling within Guwahati

I Would recommend Travelers go with Ola app  OLA Cab Android Users  Apple Users  ,one thing I have observes about this cab is that it’s simple to use, e-payment/cash, you will absolutely not get cheated as you along with the cab driver following Maps on the Android, Rate’s per Kilometer is even beneficial. 0.23$/15 Rs per Kilometer.

Another Local Conveyance you don't below you can call it as inter-city/inter-village transport Jeeps without its door, rates are reasonable, but only thing is that they will squeeze you into the seats to get more passengers.

5. Must Visit

Kamakhya Temple
It’s the 51 Shakti Peethas on Earth, its located on Nilachal hill on adjoining banks of Brahmaputra river. There are several temples around the Main Maa Kamakhya Temple apart from this there are 10 Mahavidyas in and around the temples namely Bhuvaneshvari, bagalamukhi, Chinnama, TripuraSundari, Tara, Kali, Bhairavi, Dhumavati, Matangi and Kamala Temple.
 There are many historic Stories of Goddess about the place in the form of handbooks available in this location.
 Now to get into this place you need go Chhaygaon-Guwahati road from here you will get Taxi to go high up the Nilachal Hill

From here you can walk into the Kamakhya. You will also get to see the Location Boards which will guide you.

Kamakhya Temple

After Visit to the Maa Kamakhya you can visit rest of the temples which will make you more believes to the god and you should never miss the opportunity. On the top of the Nilachal Hill there’s a temple called Bhubaneshwari Mandir, reaching at this point is like gaining success once you are here you will feel to meditate and feel relax. Astonishing View of the Brahmaputra River can be seen from here and whole city of Guwahati , never feel to leave this place as I have uploaded video were you can have a glance. Video
Brahmaputra River and Guwahati City from Bhubaneshwari Temple, Nilachal Hill at 876Feets

6. Umananda /Peacock Island
Located in the middle of river Brahmaputra River, to get over here you need to go Guwahati Kuruwa Ferry Ghat where these Ferry boats will take you to the Island. Umananda Island is also known as Peacock Island.
In this Island there is a temple of load Shiva, this island is powered by Solar Panels. As you explore this Island you will going to find your lovely friend the Orange monkeys
Here there’s tea stall were you can buy breads and feed the monkeys they are so friendly that they will do nothing even if you catch the tail of the monkey.Video of Orange Monkey

    Besides Monkey you will also able to find Ducks around the Temple, always being in the group and lovely to see them.
Ducks on this small Island

7. Food & Restaurants
In Guwahati, food restaurants serve from Indian, Mughlai, Chinese to Continental. In Guwahati Nga-Thongba which is fish and ginger curry with Erongba Jackfruit-kernel Chutney.
After visiting Peacock Island when you get back to Kuruwa Ferry Ghat you can go to JB’s Restaurant which is walk able distance or reached by Auto Rickshaw.
If you want to enjoy Assamee and North-East food then you have to visit Khorikaa, Paradise, Dynasty Hotel, Beatrix &Skin Route Restaurant
Other Best Restaurants in Guwahati are Paradise Restaurant, Grill Republica, Khorikaa, Confucius Restaurant, Nagameez naga Chineese Cuisine and much more. 

8. Shopping Places in Guwahati
     In the city of Guwahati the shops ranging from Budget Shopping to up market exclusive Products, the city boasts large Malls, Multiplex Cinema Halls and Business Centers.
Paltan Bazar
Travelers can enjoy Street Shopping, Tea Products of best quality, Bamboo Crafts, Chinese Products and Assamee delicacies.
Places to Visit Market places are Fancy Bazaar which is most popular market in Guwahati for all sorts of things like Street shoppers, tribal jewelry, wood staff, etc.
Paan Bazaar is another market of Guwahati especially famous for selling Books were you can find Novels, rare books and academic books, over here if you want to buy Assamee saree’s then you have to visit Mekhla Chadar popular for its Pat Silk.
Paltan Bazaar is famous for furniture’s and home decoration staff, North-Eastern tribal garments, Tea Products. India Tea House at GMC market is a popular place to collect tea items.
GS Road also known as Guwahati-Shilong Road is the market were you find Branded show rooms and Shopping Malls, outlets of KFC, JB’s.
Ganesh Gudi is another market popular for Footwear‘s, crockery’s, food music stores, house holding items and cloths.
Maligaon Market is near to Kamakhya Railway Station well known for Bangla specific articles, Bangla food, Steamed Momos. You can buy fresh fish from Market.

9. Tea Plantation around Guwahati
     If you are willing to See Tea Plantation then nearest will be 32kms away from central Guwahati.
To get to this place you have to travel via Jorabat NH27 highway Sonapur-Rewa Road, place namely called Sonapur Tea Estate, Its one of the largest tea estate producing high quality tea, the estate is a few meters off from the highway with verdant tea plants
Tea Plantation

Step food of Assamee is Rice and you will find Rice Farming in and around Guwahati
Paddy Plantation

10. Other Places where you can visit
     If you are planing to do spend in the jungle the you have to travel the Border areas of Assam-Meghalaya were you will als able to capture local industrial Estate, Bamboo Homes (as there are minor earthquakes felt in these areas), Mountains, Cultivation, Tribal Peoples.

_The International Society of Krishna Consciousness
_Assam Zoo
_Nehru Park
_Assam State Museum
_Shraddhanjali Kanan
_Ugratara Temple
_Navagraha Temple

11. While Returning From Guwahati

Guwahati Railway Station

      While on returning from Guwahati you have various options, you can come via Kolkata by booking train from Guwahati/Kamakhya to Kolkata take a few hrs halt over here were you will able to see Howrah Bridge (here's the video were i have witness this Historic and World Heritage Site Video )and then you can go ahead from Kolkata. Howrah Bridge is currently the sixth-longest bridge of its type in the world. It’s beautiful to see in the Night.

Thank You
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